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Also known as Brittney Patrice Ortiz. 28 year old African American wife of Juan and mother of Sofia. A current stay at home mom who is trying to look for that thing called happiness that everybody talks about. She is on her way down that path... Also known as Juan Ortiz. 28 year old Mexican hubby of Brittney and father of little Sofia. A loyal transporter at JPS hospital who on the weekends loves his beer and relaxing. Also known as 1 year old Sofia Anneliese Ortiz who arrived into Brittney and Juan's arms on April 26, 2012. Already she is loved by family, friends and even strangers and it is known that Soi is already la princesa de la casa. She's quite the blessing of the Ortiz family. The newly made Ortiz family lives in Ft. Worth, TX and is a very caring and fun family. Right now Brittney's mother, Tracy lives with them and is a pleasant addition to the household. No pets, just a white Ram truck lovingly named "Paloma". Brittney loves having friends...any kinds. Boy, girl, young or old. Just know that she's a busy momma and she can't always post or comment right away. She hope you enjoy reading though! LinkLinkLinkLayoutProfile


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